Buffalo Blue Rubbish Dip

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Your slow cooker will keep this each-time favorite snack hot and melty throughout the big game. That’s if you do not finish it before halftime.

Ready in 25m:

15 min( medication time) 10 min (cuisine time)
16 servings 373 calories per serving


This interpretation comes from my friend Ginna Haravon, who in turn got it from her kinsman. At some point, it presumably came directly from Frank’s Hot Sauce website, since the constituents match. The form makes a veritably racy dressing, so start with lower hot sauce if you prefer a milder dressing.


  1. 1 roaster funk, boneless, tattered( discard skin and bones)
  2. package( 8 ounces) sour cream, at room temperature
  3. mugs of grated cheddar rubbish
  4. 1 bottle( 12 ounces) of hot sauce, similar to Frank’s Red Hot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce
  5. 1 bottle( 12 ounces) thick blue rubbish dressing

Pour all constituents into the slow cooker; stir together. Cook over high heat, stirring sometimes, until cream rubbish and cheddar rubbish are melted. Stir until constituents are well mixed. Serve from the slow cooker, keeping the temperature low or warm, with celery and carrot sticks and/ or a sharp chip, similar to pita chips.

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